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QUAL-E-PASS is all you need for real-time management and checking of credentials, certs, training records, and inspections of both workers and equipment.

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We’ve Been Expecting You.

All growing businesses run into the same fundamental problems. Managing employees’ credentials, checking contractors’ certificates, inductions for staff and contractors and access control headaches. QUAL-E-PASS helps you stay in control and saves you time.

Check Contractors Certificates

It’s fast, easy and accurate to check contractors certs in real time using QUAL-E-PASS. Stop chasing contractors for certs, use QUAL-E-PASS.


Manage Staff Credentials

You can easily manage each employees certificates and credentials using our web or mobile apps, saving you valuable time.

Online Induction

We can convert your content into high impact, effective and branded online inductions for your staff and contractors.

What is QUAL-E-PASS?

QUAL-E-PASS is a modern credential management tool that saves you time and helps you work in a more organised and productive way.

You’ve probably used excel or a wall planner to help you keep track of workers credentials and equipment certificates. Then when you need to show these certs to a Facility or Health & Safety manager you may have used Dropbox, Email or a physical folder. None of which are ideal.

Maybe you’re the Facility or Health & Safety manager responsible for checking the contractor’s certs and credentials. I don’t have to tell you what a pain it is trying to get the information you require to keep the right side of the health & safety regulations. And what about GDPR?

But there’s a problem—it’s really hard to keep track of important certificates and when they expire, especially as your team grows. And on the other side, just too much time is spent chasing and checking certs.

QUAL-E-PASS Solves Those Problems, We Help:

  • Contractors manage their workers and equipment certificates and credentials.
  • Companies who employ contractors and sub-contractors check the contactor’s certs.

All in real-time, online or in mobile app and we’ve made it fast and easy.


Our Customers

QUAL-E-PASS was created with you in mind. It was built from the ground up to address the challenges of managing and checking workers credentials, as well as the difficulties of contractor management. That’s why CIF and OPW chose QUAL-E-PASS, and trust us with their Credential Management.

Construction Industry Federation (CIF) Smart Card
Office of Public Works (OPW) Smart Card

Staying Compliant

With fines, heavy penalties or worse you know how important it is to stay compliant with regulations. With QUAL-E-PASS you will always know the status of your employees’ credentials and be able to check the certs of any contractor working for you.
It’s fast and easy, online and in real time.

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