Access Control Anywhere

From one to multiple doors on one or multiple locations including temporary locations you are in control from any connected device (PC, Laptop or Smart Phone) at any time.

Time & Attendance

Get Time & Attendance reports, calculating individual or group employee / contractor hours spent at work yesterday, last week or last month.
Access Control with QUAL-E-Pass

Access Control from Anywhere, Anytime and on any Device

Manage all your sites and users from a unified friendly interface. Deploying access control across multiple sites is extremely cost effective. There is no need to purchase a local PC for each site. Unlimited sites and users.

The system allows the user to watch video footage, disable a user or open a door from any device at any time (PC, Laptop or Smart Phone).

A GSM module can be used to provide the system
with connectivity in remote or temporary locations.

Time and Attendance Reports

The time & attendance report we will help you cut costs.

Employees and contractors clock in automatically as they enter the site by swiping their card on the access control readers.

Managers and business owners can run reports on time & attendance, calculating individual or group employee / contractor hours spent at work yesterday, last week or last month.

Reports can be exported to Microsoft Excel for easy manipulation.

Integrated Video Management

Managers can access their video footage from all common browsers (Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari and Firefox), in addition, they can access their video footage from iOS or Android mobile devices through an APP.

If there is somebody at your site entrance, you can verify the person and open the door with a click of a button – all from your smartphone. (You can also disable a user from any device at any time PC, Laptop or Smart Phone).

The system combines this accessibility with a simple to use, friendly interface and a sleek smartphone App ensuring the highest level of usability and accessibility.

Real-Time Muster Reporting

Real-Time Muster Report. The Muster Report is a report that identifies all employees and contractors who are on site at the time of a fire or an emergency.

The muster report provides the fire officer with a real-time App for muster reporting. As people swipe at the exit reader on their way out they will be automatically removed from the dynamic muster report. If they forget to swipe, a secondary reader can be setup at a muster point and if they forget their card the fire officer can manually tick them off so marking them as being safe.

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