QUAL-E-PASS - The Old Way

The Fast, Easy and Accurate Way for Checking Credentials and Certificates.

Too much time is lost laboriously checking each employee’s credentials, and it’s also prone to error. With QUAL-E-PASS, you can get more done in the time available. Our mobile app is the fast and accurate, so you can easily check certs.

QUAL-E-PASS - Checking Credentials

Checking Credentials – Job Done

The contractor uploads and manages their employees’ certs to their account in QUAL-E-PASS.

The contractor is then issued with a unique QUAL-E-PASS ID number and smart card.

You can use this number or smart card to check the contractors’ credentials using our mobile app or web portal.

Job Done, Fast and Accurate. It’s a win-win all around, no outdated folders, email attachments or Dropbox folders to sort through to see if certs are valid.


When you scan a QUAL-E-PASS ID card using our mobile app, you can instantly see that person’s certs and whether they are in date or not. Any information is available at a glance.

QUAL-E-PASS - Scan Result & Cert


Once you’ve scanned an employee’s QUAL-E-PASS ID card, you can easily browse through each cert or document they have, and see any important details. If any notes have been added to a cert, these can be viewed and updated as well.

Meet Our Tools for The Jobs to Be Done

Using the QUAL-E-PASS mobile app and ID cards you can check the credentials of not only your workers but also your equipment. We’ll do everything we can to make your tasks and credential management easy!

QUAL-E-PASS - Scan Result, Cert & Note

The Only Tool You’ll Ever Need

Store your credentials and certificates online with us. All of your training records, certificates and data are safe, secure and available whenever you need them.

Fast & Secure

QUAL-E-PASS is fast and easy to use, allowing you to save valuable time and increasing productivity.

Easy Management

Manage your certificates and records easily, so you stay on the right side of the law and regulations.

Automatic Reminders

E-mail reminders are sent automatically, so you’ll know well in advance when a certificate is coming due for renewal.

Stay Compliant

QUAL-E-PASS can help ensure that you and your company stay compliant with any and all regulations.

Web app

Login into your account online at any time. You’ll have full control over uploading and managing your certs.

ID cards

With the QUAL-E-PASS ID card, you’ll never need to carry around any important certs or documents to sites again.

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