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Add A Pass

Starting Off

Passes are an important part of the QUAL-E-PASS system. Each pass represents an Employee or Piece of Equipment for a company or contractor. So, any information added to a pass, will be displayed on an individual’s QUAL-E-PASS ID card.

Once you’ve logged in, head over to the menu and click on passes.

Add A Pass - Step 2


In the passes page, you’ll see a list of all the passes under your company, employees and equipment. You can also see whether they are valid, archived, expired, etc. If you click on a pass, you can see all of the information contained in that pass, including what certs they have. All of this information can be edited. You can find out more here.

For now, just click on the add pass button.

Entering the Details

Choose the type of pass, for now we’ll choose employee, but equipment is very similar. Enter in their job title next. If you’re not sure about their specific title, it can be changed later. Lastly enter in their name. Make sure the spelling is correct because this is the name that will be shown on their ID cards. Of course, this can be changed afterwards just in case.

Prompted for Their First Cert

When you create a pass, you’ll be prompted afterwards to enter in their first cert. It’s easy and straightforward. Just fill in as much information as you can before uploading the image of their cert, and finally saving. We will go over it again in detail in the Add a cert section.

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