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Adding A Cert

Starting Off

From your dashboard, click on the menu button, It’s the orange icon on the top right. From there you can go to the passes page by clicking the “Passes” button.

Locate Your Pass

Once your passes have loaded click on your desired pass, in this case we will select “Mark Mahon”.

When your chosen pass has opened a list of the certificates associated with that pass will be listed, if previous certs have already been added. To add a new cert click on the orange “Add a Certificate” button.

Adding A Cert - Step 3

Add Your Cert

The certificate form will then be displayed, complete the form with all the relevant details. To upload a copy of the cert, click on the orange pencil icon located beside the “Upload Image” text, then click “Choose File” or drag & drop your cert to begin editing.

Once you have selected a copy of your cert you can start editing it. Crop in the edges so that all of the cert is visible. If your need to rotate the cert it can be very easily done using the rotate tool located just below the cert, this will rotate the cert in increments of 90°.

Once you are happy with the cert you can start the upload process by clicking the “Confirm” button at the bottom of your screen.

Upload Your Cert

To upload the edited cert click on the upload icon, located just under the cert. Your cert will now start to be upload to our database.

To finish adding your cert click on the “Save” button located at the bottom of your screen.

Cert Added

You have now successfully added the cert to your pass.

Tip: To quickly navigate back to the pass (owner of the cert) click on the “Owners Name” (It’s the blue underlined text) or you can easily add another cert by clicking on the “Add a New Cert” (It’s the blue underlined text).

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