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Archiving A Cert

Locate Your Pass

From your dashboard, click on the menu button, It’s the orange icon on the top right. From there you can go to the passes page by clicking the “Passes” button.

Once your passes have loaded click on your desired pass, in this case we will select “Mark Mahon”.

Locate Your Certificate

When your chosen pass has opened a list of the certificates associated with that pass will be listed. To select the certificate you wish to archive, clicking on the name of the cert. In this case we will archive the “Occupational First Aid”.

When your selected cert has opened click on the pencil icon, this will open the “Edit the Certificate” form”.

Archive and Save

When the form has loaded scroll down to the “Status” field. Once you have located the Status field, click on the drop-down box and select “Archived”.

When you have selected the “Archived” option click on save at the bottom of the form. This will successfully save and update your certificate..

Archiving A Cert - Step 6b

Your Cert is Archived

Once you have saved the cert you will now see that the cert has been Archived, this is located in the “Status” field.

Tip: To quickly navigate back to the pass (owner of the cert) click on the “Owners Name” (It’s the blue underlined text).

You will now see that the coloured bar to the left of the cert has changed from Red (Expired) to Blue (Archived). For more information about our traffic light system work click here.

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