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How to Fix Microsoft Edge Login Issue

Getting Started

To start click on the Windows icon on the bottom left hand side of your screen. Then on the left-hand side on the start menu click the Setting Icon as illustrated below.

Fix Microsoft Edge Login Issue - Step 1

Locate Apps & Features

In the settings screen, click on “Apps”. When the next window open, on the left-hand menu, click “Apps & Features”.

In the search box type “edge” and you should now see Microsoft Edge. Click on it once and you will see an option called “Advanced Options”.

Reset Microsoft Edge

Scroll down to the “Reset” Section, and click the “Reset” button. A window will pop up to confirm that you wish to reset Microsoft Edge, click the “Reset” button in the window to confirm.

Wait a few moments for MS Edge to reset and once it has reset you will see a ✔ next to the reset button.

Your Microsoft Edge browser has now been reset.

Open MS Edge Browser

Open your Microsoft Edge browser and enter into the address bar.

Your login issue has now been resolved!

Note: The Google Chrome browser works best as there are none of these issues with it!

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