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Renew A Cert

Starting Off

From your dashboard, click on the menu button, It’s the orange icon on the top right. From there you can go to the certificates page by clicking the “Certificates” button.

Locate Your Cert

Once your certs have loaded click on the cert you wish to renew, in this case we will select Mark Mahon’s Occupational First Aid.

To begin the renewal process, click on the orange “Renew” button located in the “Certificate Details” section.

Renew A Cert - Step 3

Upload Your Cert

To upload the edited cert click on the upload icon, located just under the cert. Your cert will now start to be upload to our database.

To finish adding your cert click on the “Save” button located at the bottom of your screen.

Cert Renewed

You have now successfully renewed your cert. Tip: To quickly navigate back to the pass (owner of the cert) click on the “Owners Name” (It’s the blue underlined text) or you can easily add another cert by clicking on the “Add a New Cert” (It’s the blue underlined text).

You will now notice that the old, “Occupational First Aid” cert has now turned blue. This means that it has been archived. Once you renew a cert the old cert automatically gets archived.

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