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Renew A Pass


We’ve mentioned before how important passes are, so we won’t beat you over the head with that information again. So, like we’ve shown you before head over to the menu and choose Passes.

Choosing A Pass to Renew

An expired pass will have a red bar displayed beside the passes picture, it will also have the date the pass has expired on. To renew the pass simply clicking on the pass itself.

Renew the Pass

Whenever you click on a pass you will be brought to the Pass view. From here, you can see all of the information contained under that pass as well as whether that pass is valid, archived, expired, etc. Simply click on the “Re Order” button to begin the renewal process.

You can also see a list of the certs contained under that pass. You can create and add a new cert, as well as view, update, delete and archive them.

Renew A Pass - Step 3

Order Placed

Once you have clicked on the re-order button your order has been placed. You will be provided with a thank you message along with a list of passes you have ordered.

When you go back into the orders page, via the menu bar, you will see that your order is “Awaiting Payment”, along with the date the order was placed and the number of passes re-ordered. Once we have received you order we will be in touch with you in relation to the payment options that we have available.

Once we have received your payment, we will then renew your chosen pass and start production of your card, if applicable.

Once your pass(es) has been renewed or when we have shipped your pass(es) you will see, in your orders page, that the order status has changed to “Shipped”.

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