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The Basic Format

Now to help you and your team get off on the right foot, take a look at this short guide that helps explain the format.

Pass: A Pass is created for the company, each individual, and for equipment as an individual piece of equipment or equipment group.


The Basic Format

Certificates: Certificates are assigned to the Pass. So, a manual handling certificate or any other credentials would be assigned to the individuals pass.

Insurance certificates, Method statements and Safety Statements et cetera are assigned to the company pass.

With equipment, you can assign certificates to an individual equipment pass or you can create an equipment group pass and assign the certs to the group.

Scan: You will scan a pass to check the certs associated with it. The scan will also display the certs status, Red = Expired, Yellow = Expiring Soon and Green = Valid. In addition, you can see the key information from the cert, Cert name, Cert Number, Issued By and Expiry Date. You can also view a digital copy of the cert itself.

When you scan a pass the scan is time, date and location stamped. This is a snapshot of the pass and associated certs at the time and date. In the event of an audit you can demonstrate that you have indeed been checking credentials and certificates.

Location: The location can be a physical location, for example, a site, the office, the yard or a factory. It can also be used for work teams or crews. You can search your scans by location at a later stage.


Dashboard: Shows you the compiled information about the status of your passes, certs and scans. Most popular is the Expiring Soon information.

Users: You can add users and assign them different levels of access to the information, what they can view and edit.

Searches and Reports can be viewed for the different areas within QUAL-E-PASS.

Of course, you can do a lot more with QUAL-E-PASS but as you will see when you get going.


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