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Update A Pass


We’ve mentioned before how important passes are, so we won’t beat you over the head with that information again. So, like we’ve shown you before head over to the menu and choose Passes.

Choosing A Pass to Edit

You can edit any pass you’ve created, and any of the changes you make will be displayed immediately. Choose whatever pass you want to edit by clicking on the pass itself.

Viewing the Pass

Whenever you click on a pass you will be brought to the Pass view. You can see all of the information contained under that pass as well as whether that pass is valid, archived, expired, etc. All of this information can be edited. Simply click on the pen icon to begin editing the pass.

You can also see a list of the certs contained under that pass. You can create and add a new cert here, as well as view, update and delete them.

Update A Pass - Step 4

Changing Existing Information

You’ll notice that editing a pass is very similar to creating a pass. All of the information from the pass is already displayed for you, which makes it much easier for you to update it. You can change the type of pass, the job title or their name. Once you’ve finished you can click update to have all of you changes saved.

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