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Web Scanning
Scan A Pass from the Portal

Starting Off

From your dashboard, click on the menu button, It’s the orange icon on the top right. From there you can go to the scan page by clicking the “Scans” button.

Start A Scan

To start a new scan, click on the orange “+ Scan” button located on the top left-hand side of your screen.

To begin the scan, enter the unique alphanumeric code of the pass you wish to scan. Here we want to perform a scan for pass number 18DG3T. Simply enter the code in the “Pass Number” field, if you wish to select a scan location click the location drop down box and choose your location. For more information about scan locations click here.

To complete the scan, click the orange “Check ✔”. You scan has now been completed and the result will be displayed.

You can now very easily see if there are any issues associated with the pass you have just scanned. To add a note e.g. if there are any problems or issues, click on the orange “+ Note” button near the bottom right-hand side of the screen.

Web Scanning from the Portal

Add A Note (Optional)

To add a note to your scan click on the orange “+ Note” button in the notes section.

Type Your Note

You have now successfully added the cert to your pass.

Tip: To quickly navigate back to the pass (owner of the cert) click on the “Owners Name” (It’s the blue underlined text) or you can easily add another cert by clicking on the “Add a New Cert” (It’s the blue underlined text).

Your note has now been saved, you can view all notes that have been previously save at the bottom of your scan result.

Close Your Note

To close a note, simply click on the note that you wish to close. By closing a note, you have acknowledged that the issue/problem has now been resolved.

Your note has now been closed.

View Scans at Location

A list of all scans performed can be viewed by clicking on the “Scans” button from the menu bar. Once opened any scans that your have performed will have a date and time stamp along with a snapshot of the status of the pass at the time of scan.

Note: Once a scan has been performed it can’t be deleted or modified.

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