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What is QUAL-E-PASS?

QUAL-E-PASS is a modern credential management tool that saves you time and helps you work in a more organised and productive way.

You’ve probably used excel or a wall planner to help you keep track of workers credentials and equipment certificates. Then when you need to show these certs to a Facility or Health & Safety manager you may have used Dropbox, Email or a physical folder. None of which are ideal.

Maybe you’re the Facility or Health & Safety manager responsible for checking the contractor’s certs and credentials. I don’t have to tell you what a pain it is trying to get the information you require to keep the right side of the health & safety regulations. And what about GDPR?

GDPR Compliant with QUAL-E-PASS

But there’s a problem—it’s really hard to keep track of important certificates and when they expire, especially as your team grows. And on the other side, just too much time is spent chasing and checking certs.

QUAL-E-PASS solves those problems, we help:

  • Contractors manage their workers and equipment certificates and credentials.
  • Companies who employ contractors and sub-contractors check the contactor’s certs.

All in real-time, online or in mobile app and we’ve made it fast and easy.

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