The Best Way for Managing Your Employees’ Certificates and Credentials Online.

It can be difficult to keep track of credentials and certificates. For many, it’s a real pain. The amount of cert’s required for personnel and equipment is increasing and so are the consequences if certs are allowed to lapse.

Credential Management Made Easy

✔ Credentials will be organised in one place.
✔ You’ll know exactly what’s going on.
✔ You’ll free up time for more important stuff.
✔ You’ll be confident about the status of certs.
✔ You’ll be better prepared for compliance audits.

GDPR Compliant with QUAL-E-PASS
Managing Credentials

Your Certs Are Safe, Secure and Available

Upload and safely store all your induction, training records and certificates. You keep the original hard copies on file. While we provide one location to securely store and access digital copies of each of your certs, and more.

Automatic Reminders & Planning

Receive timely reminders of soon to expire certificates. E-mail reminders are sent automatically when a certificate is coming due for renewal. You can then plan what type of training will be needed and for who.

With so much going on and so many certs, it’s easy to see how expiry dates can get overlooked. But you don’t want to find out in an audit or after an incident that an important cert was no longer valid.

Get the big picture and remain in control. You can view certs by cert type, expired, expiring soon and archived. These reports can be seen for individuals or groups of employees. You can view upcoming training requirements and plan ahead to avoid work interruption.


Each employee will receive a QUAL-E-PASS photo ID card with your company logo.

This card can be used to check the credentials of the employee. Using the QUAL-E-PASS mobile app or web portal the employees’ credentials can be viewed including digital images of the original certification documents.

You can send QUAL-E-PASS ID number to those individuals who need to check workers qualifications. This is a much faster and more accurate way to demonstrate that the employee has the required qualifications. Learn more about checking credentials.

Each QUAL-E-PASS card has an RFID chip which can be used with access control systems. You can learn more about access control.

The Only Tool You’ll Ever Need

Store your credentials and certificates online with us. All of your training records, certificates and data are safe, secure and available whenever you need them.

Fast & Secure

QUAL-E-PASS is fast and easy to use, allowing you to save valuable time and increasing productivity.

Easy Management

Manage your certificates and records easily, so you stay on the right side of the law and regulations.

Automatic Reminders

E-mail reminders are sent automatically, so you’ll know well in advance when a certificate is coming due for renewal.

Stay Compliant

QUAL-E-PASS can help ensure that you and your company stay compliant with any and all regulations.

Web App

Login into your account online at any time. You’ll have full control over uploading and managing your certs.

ID Cards

With the QUAL-E-PASS ID card, you’ll never need to carry around any important certs or documents to sites again.

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