QUAL-E-PASS - Pricing


Checking Credentials

You need a fast and easy way to check that workers have valid credentials and certificates for the job.

Speed: Check 12 workers credentials in the time it normally takes to check 1.

Accuracy: See at a glance what certs are valid and which are expired.

Audit: Look back on your log at any time to see who’s credentials you checked, when and the status of the certs on that date.

Check Online: Using the QUAL-E-PASS ID number you can check the status online through our web portal.

Mobile App: Scan the QUAL-E-PASS QR code to check the status using our mobile app.

Job Done: It’s a win-win all around, no outdated folders, email attachments or Dropbox folders to sort through to see if certs are valid.

Managing Credentials

Goodbye to spreadsheets. Hello, easy credential management. A tool to help you manage your worker’s certificates and credentials, in a simple and effective manner.

Store all your company’s certs in one secure place online. Workers certs, Equipment certs, Insurance certs and Safety Statements and more.

It’s easy for you to share / show what certs you need to with third parties i.e. company’s you are working for, health and safety managers et cetera.

Dashboard: You can see at a glance the status of your companies certs, what’s soon to expire so you can plan for re-certification and more.

Reporting: Gain better insights, plan better for recertification and budgeting.

Email Notifications: Get timely alerts sent directly to your inbox.

You’ll be better prepared for compliance audits and can demonstrate that you have been keeping on top of things.

You’ll free up time and be confident about the status of certs. No more panicking and wondering if someone’s cert is valid.

Online Induction

Take your induction training online for staff and contractors for a single setup fee.

No limit on the number of people trained, you are not paying a per person price.

Transform your existing induction content into an interactive online one.

Decrease your costs in delivering inductions and increases staff productivity by eliminating repetitive tasks and face to face inductions.

Provide your inductions for employees, contractors and visitors before they arrive on site with a dedicated online induction portal. Inductions can be completed using PC, Laptop or connected Mobile device.

Induction Certificates emailed on completion.

This service is only available to QUAL-E-PASS Credential Management Customers.

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