Remote Access

How to get connected

If a member of the QUAL-E-PASS team has issued you with a remote access code please follow these short instructions to get you connected.

Step 1 – Navigate to the Remote Access Page

If you have revceived a remote access code from a member of our team, navigate to

Step 2  – Enter Your Remote Access Code

Enter your 9 digit remote access code in the Invitation Code text box.  Once entered click the “Join” button.

Remote Access - Step 2
QUAL-E-PASS - Scan Result & Cert

Step 3  – Download

To join a remote session with QUAL-E-PASS, Click the “Download and run” button.

Step 4  – Run the Program

Once you have downloaded the program, click on it to run.

Remote Access - Step 2
Remote Access - Step 2

Step 5 – Connected

Once you run the program and accept any necessary permissions, you should see a text box and the bottom of your screen confirming your connected.

Still can’t get connected?